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Maynier Criticises Presidency For ‘Flip-Flopping’ On Rules

Photo Credit: @DavidMaynier/Twitter via EWN

Western Cape Finance MEC David Maynier has criticised the President for flip-flopping on regulations related to the tourism industry.

In a tweet late on Friday night, the Presidency confirmed accommodation for leisure is open for travel within provinces was allowed.

But as Maynier explained, the President backtracked that decision on Saturday.

“Last night, the Presidency confirmed on Twitter that accommodation for leisure is open for travel within provinces under alert level three. But this morning, the Presidency flip-flopped by deleting the tweet and then a few hours later retweeted a new graphic with accommodation for leisure removed.”

In the tweet posted on Saturday, Ramaphosa clarified accommodation for leisure travel is not permitted.

Maynier said this had created unnecessary confusion in an already stressed environment.

“We cannot afford this kind of flip-flopping and, of course, we believe that tourism for leisure within provinces is already permitted under alert level three and should stay that way.”


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