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Mauritius, Mozambique and Madagascar on Cyclone Freddy Watch

Mauritius has grounded flights and shut its stock exchange as tropical Cyclone Freddy approaches, posing a “direct threat” to the Indian Ocean Island. A Class III cyclone warning was in force in Mauritius on Monday, allowing about six hours of daylight before the occurrence of wind gusts of 120km per hour. Mauritius, along with other Indian Ocean countries such as Madagascar and African coastal nations like Mozambique, is regularly affected by severe storms and cyclones capable of destroying homes, infrastructure, and crops. The idyllic holiday destination is renowned for its spectacular white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Airports of Mauritius announced that the international airport would be closed from Monday until further notice. “Air Mauritius is closely monitoring the situation with the authorities and will keep passengers informed of developments,” the national carrier added on its website. Authorities on the French island of Reunion, which is expecting the cyclone to reach it overnight on Monday, have also gone on alert.