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Mauritian Bank’s New SME Banking Market Gives it an Edge Over the Competition

Mauritius Commercial Bank’s (MCB) went live this week with their new Backbase-built SME banking platform and new mobile app, JuicePro. This marks the completion of the first phase of the collaboration. Using the Backbase platform, MCB was able to completely remodel its SME user journeys and has put a foundation in place to advance digital innovation across all lines of business. The mobile platform for SMEs will cater to growing customer demand, provide a smoother and bespoke banking experience, and then be replicated across all business lines using the Backbase Omni-channel banking platform. More than 100 large financials around the world have benefitted from Backbase’s omni-channel, Digital-First Banking Platform. The flexible nature of the platform allows them to drive continuous product innovation to respond to emerging customer needs and pressures from competitors and regulators alike. Backbase’s Digital-First Banking Platform powers seamless customer experiences, unifying data and functionality from core banking systems and innovative fintech partners.