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Matric Results : Change Of Plan? Consider These High-Demand Qualifications

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Following the release of the Matric results of 2021, countless young people will be faced with the need or desire to adjust their study plans for this year because they did not perform as expected, while many others will be faced with the happy news that their options have increased as a result of better-than-expected results – whether this be the eligibility to enrol for higher education, or enrol for a different qualification.

“Regardless of your results, it is always a good idea to review and reflect on your study plans before embarking on your first year, as there is still time to change course if you are not absolutely sure you are on the right path. And if you are someone who is now eligible to apply for higher education study, you should investigate your options as a matter of urgency,” says Linda Fekisi, Head of Programme at The Independent Institute of Education, SA’s largest and most accredited private higher education provider.

Fekisi says that Matrics from the Class of 2021 may find themselves in one of the following categories following the release of results:

1)     The student’s performance was in line with expectations, and their plans are not impacted because of results. However, the student may have doubts about their chosen study plans.

2)     The student performed better than expected, and university study is now a possibility, but they have not yet enrolled with an institution. These students could still land a place at a higher education institution if they move swiftly.

3)     The student did not perform optimally, and may no longer qualify for the study path or institution they have applied for. These students have the option of considering other qualifications for which they may be eligible, or the option of pursuing a Higher Certificate as first qualification.

“The good news is that those students who still want to apply for further studies this year may yet be able to land a place studying towards a quality, high-in demand qualification if they move quickly,” says Fekisi.

She notes that while applications have closed at most public universities, private higher education institutions may still have limited places available to those who move fast.

“However you must do your homework to ensure that you enrol with an institution that is well-respected in the industry, and is registered and accredited. Do not fall prey to fly-by-night colleges, and speak to current and past students to make sure an institution is the right fit for you and able to deliver on their promises.”

Fekisi says there are numerous high-in-demand qualifications that may still be taking applications, which prospective students would do well to consider. These include, but are not limited to:


Qualified and capable IT professionals are in higher demand than ever before, and this is likely to remain the case well into the future.

Career options to consider include Software Developer or Engineer, Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist and IT/Business Analyst.

Qualifications leading to these careers include, inter alia, Higher Certificate in IT in Support Services; Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Network Engineering, Application Development, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Game Design and Development; Bachelor of Information Technology in Business Systems; DIT in Network or Software Management, and a range of IT-related Higher Certificates.


The demand for graduates who are competent in the theory and practice of accounting remains across organisations – from startups to multinationals. A finance qualification, such as a Diploma in Business Accounting or a Higher Certificate in Bookkeeping will position graduates for a successful career in the industry.


The combination of management and business skills is a potent one which will position graduates to climb the career ladder from day one. Qualifications cover a number of fields, including Local Governance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Event Management, and Business Management (e.g. Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Bachelor of Public Administration, Diploma in Commerce Marketing Management, Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship, and Higher Certificates in Human Resource Practices, Event Management and Business Management).


Traditionally, the idea of becoming a copywriter was closely associated with the advertising industry. However a good writer today will find their skills in high demand in a wide variety of fields, including the corporate world, web development, public relations, content creation, SEO writing, UX writing, digital community management, social media management, and content strategy.

A BA in Creative Brand Communications & Copywriting, or a Higher Certificate in Communication Practices, will position graduates strongly within the jobs marketplace.

“The key message for anyone who wants to study this year, is to ensure that they carefully consider their unique skills, their career dreams, and current and prospective future demand for their skills when considering their qualification. And then to find a highly rated institution with a curriculum grounded in what the industry requires from these professionals, with a strong work-integrated learning component. Time is running out fast, but for those Matriculants who are serious about career success, 2022 can still open up exciting new opportunities.”