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Matome Chiloane is Scheduled To visit Queens High School

MEC for Education in Gauteng Following the death of a 15-year-old learner, Matome Chiloane is scheduled to visit Queens High School in Johannesburg on Monday.

The grade 9 student died last Monday as a result of a bullying episode in which he was allegedly forced to swallow a deadly chemical, which led to his death later that day.

Following the incident, angry community members and parents gathered at the school, demanding answers.

The event also prompted questions about possible mistreatment at the school.

According to the department’s Steve Mabona, a psycho-social team has been dispatched and will continue to provide necessary therapy services.

“Both the department and the police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the said learner’s death.” MEC Matome Chiloane will pay a visit to the deceased’s relatives.”