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Masemola Appointed AsPolice Commissioner

The ANC believes the appointment of Sehlahle Fannie Masemola as National Police Commissioner will restore public confidence and trust in the SAPS.

Masemola replaces Khehla Sitole.

The Presidency said Masemola’s appointment will ensure continuity in the most senior position in the police service following Khehla Sitole’s departure from office

Masemola officially takes office on Friday.

Meanwhile, the police ministry says Masemola’s appointment marks a new chapter in the police force.

It says it welcomes his appointment with enthusiasm and optimism.

The ministry hopes Masemola will strengthen efforts within the police service to safeguard South Africans.

It says it will support the new National Commissioner’s efforts to restore morale and unity in the police force.

At the same time, South African Police Union is hoping Masemola, will hire more police officers and deal with police killings.

Sapu is also hoping Masemola’s stint will be free from political interference.