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Marine Biologists Try to Solve a Mass Murder of Dolphins in Namibia

Officials said that 86 dusky dolphins, including two calves just days old, had been found dead on a remote beach and it had launched an investigation into what happened. Marine biologist Kolette Grobler estimated that the mammals had been dead for about a week before they were found on Friday by commercial lobster fishermen. The dusky dolphin, known for its aerial acrobatic skills, is found off South America, southern Australia and New Zealand as well as southwestern Africa. As well as the dusky dolphin, Namibian waters are also home to the bottlenose dolphin and the Heaviside’s dolphin. “We suspect that one of them was injured or got sick and called on the others for help, and this might have caused them to accidentally beach themselves… We unfortunately could not take samples due to the decomposition, but we took water samples to determine if the dolphins ate toxic plankton.” Grobler said.