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Mantoa Malema Will Sue Boy Mamabolo For R1m If He Doesn’t Retract Abuse Claims

JOHANNESBURG – Mantoa Malema, the wife of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema, is suing African National Congress (ANC) MP Boy Mamabolo for R1 million over allegations that her husband is abusing her, should Mamabolo not retract his statements.

The State of the Nationa (Sona) debate descended into chaos on Tuesday when Mamabolo rose on a point of order, asking Malema to confirm the allegations.

“If the matter is true, are you going to apologise? If you are not going to apologise, then you must be held responsible. So now, the question to you is that, are you abusing your wife?” Mamabolo said.

Malema’s lawyers also sent a letter of demand to Mamabolo to retract the statement or face a R1 million lawsuit.

Instead of replying, Malema continued reading his speech, taunting ANC MPs, who insisted he first answer the question.

“No one is going to tell me what to do at what time. I’m in charge. That’s why these fools are running around,” Malema said.

National Council of Provinces chairperson Amos Masondo battled to maintain order. Then Malema told the House he denied ever laying a hand on his wife – but had received information that President Ramaphosa had beaten his late wife, Nomazizi, who was his first wife.

Malema did not withdraw his comments and was ordered to leave the House, which he did, followed by the rest of his caucus.


In Mantoa’s letter, she said that the allegations were untrue and an abuse of her and by extension, her children.

She also said that there was no evidence of the claims and demanded that Mamabolo retract his statements and publicly apologise on social media and news media.