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Malema defends CoJ council

According to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the Johannesburg council will not be dissolved.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Johannesburg has issued a statement stating that they intend to file a motion to dissolve the city council and hold new by-elections for all ward and PR seats.

According to the party, Johannesburg has had four mayors since the 2021 local elections, causing instability in the country’s economic core.

The DA stated that it believed that allowing Johannesburg citizens to elect a new government was the only way to restore stability to the city.

However, according to EFF leader Julius Malema, the city has stabilized under the current administration, which includes two EFF councillors on the mayoral committee.

“If Steenhuisen’s life is shattered, he must not believe it will happen in Johannesburg.” Johannesburg is stable, it has a mayor, and the MMCs are up to the task. Many of those MMCs are doing their best with the limited resources and obstacles that we face in Johannesburg.”