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Making It Easier for Everyday Africans to Take Advantage of Previously Restricted Asset Classes

Keble is breaking down these barriers by providing access to global real estate opportunities with little capital. Through the use of fractional ownership, Keble’s platform allows users to invest in properties from around the world with ease and flexibility. The process is simple – users can browse a diverse selection of properties on Keble’s platform, choose the one they like, and purchase a fraction of the property. By doing so they become part-owners of the asset and are entitled to a share of the property’s appreciation in value. With Keble, users can invest in real estate without the need for a large initial investment and can benefit from the stability and growth potential of the asset class. This innovative approach to real estate investment will empower people to take ownership of their financial futures and build wealth through accessible and convenient investment opportunities. Keble is one of many investment platforms operating in Africa, and its founders are well aware of the intense competition in the market. In this landscape, Keble’s founders understand the need to differentiate themselves and offer a unique value proposition to their clients. Their approach is based on three key pillars: the stable asset class they focus on (real estate), the currency they use (dollars), and their commitment to transparency.