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Makhubo To form Coalition With Smaller Parties To ‘Unify’ CoJ

BRAAMFONTEIN – Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo on Thursday said the African National Congress (ANC) would be going into a formal coalition with smaller parties in a bid to unify the City of Johannesburg.

Makhubo held his first briefing as mayor at the Johannesburg Council Chambers in Braamfontein.

The ANC took back the economic hub city on Wednesday after Makhubo won the mayoral election.

Makhubo said the ANC plans to build what he’s described as an “all-encompassing government in the city of Johannesburg”.

“So, we have to recognise the fact that we don’t have the 136 to make us the majority party. So, we will work with all parties in the government.”

Makhubo said the ANC would be in talks with the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters to find out if there were any prospects of working together.

“Every party will have a stake. We still are talking to parties that are not mentioned here to see if they want to work with us.”

The mayor said he planned to announce members of his mayoral committee in the coming days.