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Maimane On A Path That Could ‘Change The Face Of Politics’

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has told Eyewitness News that he is working on a movement that could change the face of politics come the next general elections.

Maimane said he would spend the next few months talking to South Africans about what kind of organisation they want.

He resigned from the DA in October after the party’s dismal showing at this year’s polls, saying the organisation was no longer the vehicle best suited to advance the vision of one South Africa for all.

Maimane And Herman Mashaba have launched what they call the People’s Dialogue – a platform which they say would be used to discuss how to forge a better future for South Africa.

But call it what you want – a dialogue, political platform, political discussion – history has shown that these are a prelude to political party formations.

Mamphela Ramphele started off with such discussions before launching AgangSA and so did Makhosi Khoza before birthing Adec.

But Maimane insists the country needs a new movement.

“Now I’m asking South Africans to say ‘this is our country, e need to be part of the movement together that not only holds political parties to account but also works in such a way that can bring change that builds one South Africa for all.”

But what would this new movement look like?

“It has to be able to have an NGO and be able to go ‘yeah, this is what we’re fighting for’. I want a clergyman to be able to say this is what we’re fighting for and actually have their views considered so that when a coalition is set up, people must know that it represents them.”

He said the political dialogues could birth a political party to contest in the 2024 elections.