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Magashule: SA Has Problem With Alcohol Consumption

African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Ace Magashule has called for the law to be followed when prosecuting those responsible for gender-based violence.

He was addressing the media after a virtual meeting of the national executive committee (NEC).

Magashule said that South Africa had an alcohol problem, which led to violence.

“We have seen these evils manifest themselves again as the [alcohol sales] ban was lifted. Clearly, as a society, we have problems with average alcohol consumption per adult, which at 9.51, is considerably higher than the average in the rest of Africa, which is 6.10.”

He said that there had to be a broader plan for alcohol consumption.

“Although the reversal of the alcohol ban is not on the agenda, we do have to as a society look into the matter as part of our broader programme to reconstruct our communities and strengthen families.”

Magashule also said that that the party’s national executive committee had resolved to postpone its meetings and conferences due to COVID-19 for the rest of this year.