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Lwah Ndlunkulu Takes The Mic As Artist Of The Year At Basadi Awards, Courtesy Of Paradise Sound Systems & Neumann

Impacting women in entertainment with premium equipment and building bridges with music technology.

Paradise Sound Systems and Neumann Microphones proudly announce their significant contribution to the Basadi in Music Awards, which took place on August 12, 2023, where they played a role in honoring artists and fostering innovation in the music industry. This microphone has a long history of immaculate sound quality, having been used by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

The award ceremony, which was held at the Johannesburg Theatre, showcased a remarkable partnership that emphasizes that women’s voices should continue to be amplified and that technology can be a platform to contribute to this upliftment.

Highlighting the commitment to elevating artists’ capabilities, Namakau Star Paradise Sound Systems, artist took the stage at Basadi alongside super stars Busiswah and Ntokozo Mbambo to present a state-of-the-art Neumann microphone to the Artist of the Year, Kwazulu Natal Durban Vocalist, Lwah Ndukulu. This presentation serves to highlight the importance of collaborations between women led organizations and allies, such as Basadi in Music, Neuman, and Paradise Sound Systems. It is an honor to work in networks and communities that are dedicated to providing premium equipment to artists and nurturing their creative endeavors.

Award winning Lwah Ndukulu’s talent and achievements are a testament to the flourishing music scene in Kwazulu Natal and Durban, and this partnership recognizes her excellence by equipping her with cutting-edge technology. The Neumann microphone, known for its unparalleled sound quality and precision, will undoubtedly serve as a vital tool in enhancing Lwah Ndukulu’s performances and studio recordings. 

“This collaboration between Paradise Sound Systems, Neumann Microphones, and the Basadi in Music Awards is more than just a gesture; it’s a commitment to empower artists and facilitate their journey to success. We are thrilled to contribute to Lwah Ndukulu’s musical journey,” stated Namakau Star, Artist and speaker of Paradise Sound System. 

“The Basadi in Music Awards is committed to acknowledging and elevating exceptional women in music. Our collaboration with Paradise Sound System and Neumann Microphones exemplifies our joint dedication to achieving excellence. Through the Neumann Mic TLM 103 the Artist Of The Year, Lwah Ndlunkulu, received more than an award – she gained a transformative instrument that will empower her to soar musically. Our partnership not only recognizes her remarkable talent but also provides a platform for her voice to reach new levels of sonic brilliance, fostering a shared commitment to unparalleled musical excellence.” stated the Basadi in Music Team 

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