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Lupita Nyong’o is Helping This Animated African Superhero Empower Young Kids

Kukua, a women-led production company in Kenya, has created a wildly popular animated series about a 10-year old female superhero. Super Sema, endowed with the powers of creativity and innovation, saves the day by harnessing technology to solve problems. With over 15 million views, many from outside Africa, Super Sema is making a strong entry in the entertainment world and is empowering a new wave of children who see their own potential reflected in people who resemble them on screen. Clara Njeru has been “technovating” her way through glass ceilings since she was young. “My mom is a teacher, and I grew up in a family that really encouraged curiosity,” she said. As a child in Kenya, Njeru did not have a computer at home — but in high school, her proficiency in math gave her access to the school’s computers. She then studied computer science at university, where she said she felt a heightened pressure to do well as a woman studying STEM.