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Looking to Relocate To and Live in Africa?

Tunisia is the twelfth largest economy in Africa. Its official currency is the Tunisian Dinar (TND). The cost of living in this country is around $422. It was ranked as the 195th best country to live in by The cost of living in Algeria is quite cheap. The cost of living in Algeria is just about $431, much lower than most countries in Africa. The currency used here is the Algerian Dinar. The Algerian economy is upheld, mostly by the trading of oil and gas. The cost of living in The Gambia is just around $519. It also suggests that The Gambia is among the topmost friendly countries to live in. The Gambia is relatively safe, so you wouldn’t have to spend much on security. Although traveling to Sudan is discouraged due to the civil unrest in the country, it still offers one of the cheapest costs of living in Africa. When compared to the cost of living in France, the cost of living in Sudan is significantly lower. In fact, it is about 41.73% lower.