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Lockdown Played Major Role In Reduction Of Easter Road Accidents – Mbalula

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula (R) made the announcement of the Easter period road traffic accidents on 17 April 2020 at a press briefing at the Grasmere toll plaza on the N1. Picture: @MbalulaFikile/Twitter

The country has seen a historic drop in the number of traffic law violations during the Easter long weekend due to the nationwide lockdown.

Road fatalities declined by 83%, meaning that 28 people lost their lives on South African roads during this year’s Easter period.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said comparing this year’s statistics with previous years would not be fair as the lockdown had limited the movement on the roads drastically.

he only figure which increased compared to last year’s Easter long weekend road statistics was the number of roadblocks conducted by traffic police.

A total of 480 stops and searches were carried out between last week Friday and Monday, compared to last year’s 141.

“Authorities had to enforce the lockdown regulations and directions. As a consequence, 184 vehicles were stopped and ordered to return home for travelling in contravention of the lockdown regulations,” Mbalula said.

Law enforcement officials also had it a bit easier with drunk drivers this Easter as lockdown regulations prohibited the trade of alcohol.

Only 11 people were found driving under the influence of alcohol. This year, only one speedster was caught driving reckless compared to last year’s 192.


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