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Liquor Industry Disappointed By Alcohol Ban

The liquor industry has expressed dissatisfaction with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to extend Level 4 of lockdown as alcohol sales have been prohibited for another 14 days.

The National Liquor Traders Council said the government is clearly ignoring its pleas.

“As the tavern sector, we are disappointed by the announcement by the president that does not allow us to pick up the pieces to continue to support our families, even though we are aggrieved by this we have heard the president,” said Lucky Ntimane from the National Liquor Traders’ Council.

“Even though we fully disagree with him, we are going to consult our members on what is the best way forward.

“But we need to be alive to the realities that are facing the country.”

“We are in the grip of a third wave that is killing our people. We understand that the president had to make certain choices in order to save the lives of our people, but we feel that he could have done more in safeguarding the livelihoods of people.”