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Light My Wire 

A new line of lighting introduces a fresh take on a Zulu tradition of weaving with telephone wire.  Named after master weaver, Alfred Ntuli, the new collection from Joburg’s Mash T. Design offers a series of pendant fixtures enlivened with shades woven in intricate patterns. Ntuli, who is known for weaving geometric patterns with telephone wire, had his work cut out for him as these large-scale objects required more patterning than his usual restrained aesthetic allows for. However, he rose to the challenge and the intricately woven pendants represent African design at its finest. Mjo is also the first local designer to have her work form part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, France. The museum acquired the Tutu 2.0 lamp and an eye-catching Mjojo cabinet. Both pieces came to the museum’s attention because they were part of an exhibition of Mjo’s work at the Bonne Espérance Gallery, located in the centre of Paris, in 2019.