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Lichtenburg Labour Centre Closed Due To COVID-19

The Lichtenburg Labour Centre in the North West has been temporarily closed following a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the center. This is to allow employees who have been in contact with the affected employee to self-isolate and for the necessary cleaning protocols for the office to be carried out as required.

According to Andile Makapela the Chief Director: Provincial Operations in the North West, due to the nature of the affected employee’s work, she had contact with other colleagues, thus warranting the temporary closure of the office for decontamination processes to be carried out.

“As indicated previously it is of great concern to the Department when one of our own get infected, hence we will ensure that she receives the necessary support together with those who she has had contact with and also ensure that all the necessary COVID-19 protocols are being followed” said Makapela.

The Department’s Director-General: Thobile Lamati, also reiterated the importance of looking after officials during these difficult times. “Our officials are an important cog of the working of the South African economy and as such, we will also ensure that they are as safe as possible,” said Lamati.

The local Department of Health will also be informed to allow them to carry out their track and tracing processes so as to ensure that all the affected contacts receives the necessary care.

An announcement would be made with regard to the opening of the Lichtenburg office once the decontamination process is completed.

Clients are encouraged to use the Department’s online services found on