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Libya’s State of Perpetual Chaos Continues

Libya has been thrown into further political chaos and confusion after the country’s eastern-based parliament elected a new prime minister just hours after the interim incumbent was reportedly the victim of a failed assassination attempt. Sources close to Mr. Abdul Hamid Dbeibah claimed earlier on Thursday that gunmen shot at his armoured car. The assailants escaped and Mr. Dbeibah was unhurt. Libya’s chief prosecutor has launched an investigation into the attack, according to sources. Fathi Bashagha, who served as interior minister of the Tripoli-based government, was elected prime minister following a stormy session of the eastern-based parliament, his election is a major setback for the country, which has strived for years to unify itself but now is again suddenly divided, with its leadership contested. The United Nations oversaw the process to pick Mr. Dbeibah as interim prime minister ahead of elections that were scheduled for December but then postponed. It has urged Libyans to concentrate on holding a vote rather than naming an interim authority. Mr Saleh, Mr Dbeibah, Mr Bashagha, Mr Haftar, and Saif al Islam Gaddafi, son of the late leader, were all seeking the post of prime minister in the now-delayed election.