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Lesufi Says There Needs to be Investment in Crime-fighting Strategies

Crime in South Africa’s economic hub, Gauteng, has reached alarming levels. The recently re-elected Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, is deeply committed to addressing this escalating issue. He attributes the rise in criminal activities to the province’s antiquated policing approaches and insists that embracing modern technology, systems, and innovative strategies is crucial to effectively combatting crime.

Lesufi has expressed his profound concern, stating, “If there’s something that makes me have sleepless nights, it’s crime.” He further emphasized the urgency of the situation, lamenting, “It makes me feel that we are failing as leaders…people’s houses are turned into jails because people can’t leave their houses, people are scared of their own shadows. We are the economic hub of our country but go to our malls after 7pm, those malls are dead. We have to invest in our crime fighting strategies and put new ideas and be innovative…”

Lesufi’s remarks underscore the gravity of the crime problem in Gauteng and his determination to implement effective solutions to ensure the safety and security of its residents.