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Lesotho Football Club Takes Lead in Gender Parity

Lesotho’s Kick4Life FC have said they will be the first top flight club in the world to pay the same to their men’s and women’s teams. Located in the capital city of Maseru, Kick4Life said the coronavirus pandemic has helped them take their strongest business decision yet – gender pay parity – and that it will be the first professional club that will “commit to gender equal budgets” for both its top-flight men and women’s team. Kick4Life FC describes itself as “the world’s first football club exclusively dedicated to social change.” It began its journey 15 years ago, when British brothers Steve and Pete Fleming attempted a 250-mile football dribble fundraiser in Malawi. After the conclusion and success of the campaign, they decided to settle in the Southern African country. Their work there eventually led to formation of the football club and its subsequent promotion to the Lesotho Premier league in 2014.