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Lesbian Couple Turns To Court After WC Venue Refuses To Host Their Wedding

CAPE TOWN – A lesbian couple is turning to the courts after claiming it’s been discriminated against by a wedding venue in the Western Cape.

The owners of Beloftebos Wedding Venue in Stanford have refused to host Megan Watling and Sasha-Lee Heekes’ wedding, citing their religious beliefs.

Watling and Heekes say it didn’t matter how politely Beloftebos phrased their explanation as to why they couldn’t host them at the venue, it was still unfair discrimination.

Walting said they were approached by a legal team who would be filing papers in the next few weeks.

“Our focus is now turning to this legal case, it is an important one not just for the LGBTQIA+ community but for anyone that exists for the margin, for anyone who has experienced unfair discrimination.”

The emotional couple were angry, disappointed and hurt by the venue’s response.

“The hurt that you feel, because I’m protective of our love,” Watling said.