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Lawmakers in Ghana are Calling for Legislation to Govern the Use of Artificial Intelligence

According to UNESCO’s World Commission on Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology, artificial intelligence refers to machines capable of imitating certain functionalities of human intelligence — including such features as perception, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, interaction and producing creative work relying on algorithms. In Ghana, the use of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, with most people having no more than a rudimentary understanding of the technology. While concerns around the use of AI are worldwide, it is becoming an issue between two generations — those born before computers and the so-called digital natives in Ghana. Lawmaker Iddrisu pointed out that as much as AI has potential, it also has negative consequences. In 2018, Google opened its first African AI research center in Accra. The US-based tech giant hopes to support the continent’s expanding capabilities in artificial intelligence by collaborating with regional universities, research institutions and governments to explore AI’s possible applications in Africa.