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Last year, Africa Birthed a lot of Notable Innovations Created by the Younger Generation

Lesley John’s passion for building robots and gadgets started at a young age. By age 10, he was already babbling about pursuing a career as a scientist and a professor. He would spend hours tinkering with electronics, powered by nothing but his boundless curiosity and a handful of led batteries. One of the startups that had organized the tech community, reached out to him to be a volunteer at an event they were hosting event at the time. After the event, the founder of the startup asked Lesley and a couple of other tech enthusiasts for their opinions and suggestions about the event.  Lesley quickly suggested that the startup considered exploring hardware tech. The smart trash can was the first project Lesley and his team built. On the outside, the Smart trash can looks like your regular trash can, it performed the simple task of storing trash. But more than that, the trash can is embedded with microchips that allow it to operate using gestures. Whenever someone goes close to it, it opens by itself and closes once they drop the trash in it.