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Lagos Tech Firm Gives SMEs a Lifeline

Before coronavirus pandemic, Rovingheights, a book distribution business based in two Nigerian cities made sales daily from online and walk-in orders. But as the virus spread to the country, forcing a lockdown that lasted several weeks in some of its major cities in March, Rovingheights says it was forced to temporarily close down its stores and online operations. As businesses like Rovingheights continue to feel the impact of Covid-19, a Lagos and San Francisco-based tech company, Flutterwave, has built a digital store for business owners, allowing them to display and sell their products online. They can also set prices and choose to integrate their own delivery system or use Flutterwave’s delivery partners such as Sendbox in Nigeria and Sendy in Kenya. Joining the Flutterwave store is free and businesses are only charged a small payment fee for their transactions. More than 1,000 businesses from across Africa have so far signed up to sell their products using the store, according to Agboola.