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KZN Crisis: Moti Cares And Premier’s Trust Partner To Deliver 2 Million Meals

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In an enormous operational and logistical undertaking, the Moti Cares Foundation, a charitable trust founded by the Moti Group, has partnered with the Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) Premier Sihle Zikalala Development Trust to deliver two million meals, as well as sanitary towels, blankets, and PPE essentials to victims worst-hit by food shortages and the destruction of supply chains due to the recent riots.

Ashruf Kaka, Chief Advisor of the Moti Group, emphasises that this initiative was launched with the vision of South Africans giving a hand-up to other fellow South Africans, no matter their race or creed.

“A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in KZN, with numerous families falling victim to hunger, supply shortages and a desperate struggle for survival. This is not the time to lay blame, communities have been brought to their knees, and it is our duty to help where needed,” he says.

“Hunger does not differentiate, and all we know now is that there are many impoverished people in dire need of food. As South Africans, we must work together in the spirit of compassion and ubuntu to help families and households in urgent need. Ultimately, we are one humanity and one nation.”

To achieve the goal of providing two million meals to families in need, goods distributed will include 70 tons of rice, 30 tons of dahl and 10,000 Nutriwell boxes each containing 95 scientifically developed and nutritious meals such as instant porridge, vegetable soup, soya stew and instant shakes which can sustain a single individual for three months.

Food and essential goods will be distributed over the course of the next few days to the communities identified by the Sihle Zikalala Development Trust in conjunction with local authorities as those that are the most in need following recent riots. 

“This initiative speaks to the power of partnerships and what we can achieve when we work together to rebuild our nation. The Sihle Zikalala Development Trust is proud to have played a role in this amazing feat of providing hope to our people during these trying times. We hope that we can forge more partnerships to reach more communities in need,” says Zikalala.

Businesses answer Moti Cares call to donate other essential items

In addition to its goal of delivering two million meals, the Moti Cares Foundation has also rallied support from various corporate organisations including Gast Engineering and Zodiac Manufacturing, who have donated PPE essentials to help spread the curb of COVID-19 in impoverished areas. This includes over 550 litres of sanitiser, 60,000 masks and 30,000 pairs of gloves, and the Moti Cares Foundation will be providing operational and logistical support to ensure that these goods directly reach the hands of those in need.

Additionally, the Moti Cares Foundation was made aware that owing to supply chain disruptions, spaza shops and private individuals in remote areas are selling sanitary towels for an exorbitant R70 a pack.

“Women and girls in disadvantaged households frankly cannot afford this type of exploitation, and we are therefore joining Mimi Women and PR Worx in donating 32,000 sanitary towels valued at R50,000,” says Kaka.

“The need is great and given the catastrophic losses that have been suffered as a result of the riots, we expect that it may take many years for the region to rebuild and recover. I would therefore encourage other organisations to join and continue this work and show their support for KZN.”