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KonstructApp Aims to Stimulate Africa’s Construction Value Chain

Nigerian startup has launched a construction networking platform that helps individuals and businesses obtain quick and low-cost access to verified construction services. Founded in 2018 but only launched in August 2020, KonstructApp responded to the industry challenges such as safety concerns, low marketing budgets, high search cost, and lack of access to project funding. “Like most multi-sided platforms, so far user growth has been organic on the supply side, with a little over 500. This means more work is needed to attract users from the demand side. However, our plan is to aggregate 1000 service providers ready for the demand,” said Taye Olajide, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of KonstructApp. The self-funded startup is currently fully focused on Nigeria, but has continental goals. “Africa is a huge construction site, with the continued increase in population growth and need for urbanisation. Our plan next year is to expand our user base beyond Nigeria to other African countries,” said Olajide. KonstructApp is based on a platform business model, but is currently pre-revenue.