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Kigali is Africa’s Most Entrepreneurial City 

In Africa as in other regions, the role of business founders is vital to growth and development. These entrepreneurs foster innovation, economic success, and the creation of jobs for the community. Based on ease of doing business, economic problems, population, and other factors, some regions naturally produce more business founders, typically enterprising people looking to solve problems. Ondeck retrieved the total number of local LinkedIn profiles in 150 countries, the top 10 most populated cities within those countries, every U.S. state, the 100 most populated cities in the U.S., every U.K. city, and the top 250 global cities of Startupblink’s Global Startup Report 2022. To find the proportion of workers within each location who are business founders, Ondeck repeated the search on LinkedIn by searching for the job title “founder.” The platform could then rank locations by the number of business founder profiles per 10k LinkedIn users overall.