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Kidnapped Moti Brothers Found

The four young Moti brothers have been rescued and reunited with their family.

In a statement released on Thursday morning, police said that the brothers were found in Vuwani on Wednesday night after a resident called the police and told them that the four children had arrived at their house after being dropped off at a nearby road.

The four boys – Zidan, Zayyad, Alaan, and Zia Moti and aged between 6 and 15 – were kidnapped on 20 October by armed gunmen as they were on their way to the Curro Heuwelkruin private school in Polokwane.

The news was also confirmed via a statement on the family’s business Facebook page in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The boys, aged between six and 15, were kidnapped while on their way to school in Limpopo exactly three weeks ago.

The police said that the children were checked by a doctor, who confirmed that they were in good health, before they were reunited with their family.

The police added that the children had not yet been interviewed but that investigators would arrange for that to be done on Thursday, with the help of SAPS psychologists.

Police are still investigating the kidnapping.

Until Thursday morning there was no news about the children’s whereabouts, nor the motive for the kidnapping.

It’s not clear if a ransom was demanded or paid.