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Kgosientsho Ramokgopa on Load Shedding: We are on the Right Direction

According to South Africa’s Minister of Energy, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, there were less power outages during this time last year.

He said that they had made great strides toward resolving the load shedding problem, with a particular emphasis on scheduled maintenance.

During a press conference on Monday, Ramokgopa informed reporters that the nation had 1,800 hours of load shedding in 2022–2023.

He made a comparison between this and the 1,200 hours of load shedding that were reported in 2023–2024.

In other words, we have successfully cut down on load shedding hours by almost 600 hours. So what am I trying to say? It’s that we’re heading in the correct way. Our ultimate goal is to reach a point where I can declare to the public that there have been no hours of load shedding.”

According to Ramokgopa, throughout the previous year, Eskom was able to reclaim 3,510 megawatts.