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Kenya’s Tech-driven Feeding Scheme a Hit

Technology is finally able to make food appear. With help from a local NGO, Food4Education, hungry kids in Kenya can now get a hot lunch for a few pennies with just a tap of their wrists. It happens using short-range Wi-Fi. Tap2Eat is a digital mobile platform that uses cutting edge FinTech to enable public primary school children access nutritious food for education. Parents pay US $0.15 for the subsidized lunches using mobile money. The amount is credited to a virtual wallet linked to an NFC smart wrist band which students use to then Tap2Eat in under 5 seconds. The pilot program is currently running in several schools in Nairobi as the organization seeks to scale up the operations to all the schools where Food for Education is currently running its feeding program. Food4Education is a social enterprise that provides subsidized, nutritious meals to students in Kenyan public primary schools to improve their nutrition and education outcomes.