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Kenya’s Dorothy Ghettuba is Helping Netflix Bring African Stories to a Global Audience

While the pandemic has brought a huge influx of new subscribers to Netflix, it has also constrained the making of new content. In the meantime, people like Dorothy Ghettuba are working to develop the next wave of new offerings. As Head of African Original Programming, she is cultivating African stories to release on Netflix’s immense, global platform. With an audience like it’s never seen before, the African film industry could be poised for something very big. Ghettuba says “We want to have this global catalog, so that all our members can watch our shows at the same time. That’s why originals are very, very important to us. Our ultimate aim is that we want to be the home of the best-in-class African stories. We want you to know that if you’re looking for the best African stories, then you will find them on Netflix. We are going to expand heavily to ensure that goal is met.”