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Kenyans, Haitians and Foreign Affairs Experts Question Move to Curb Violence

A $100 million U.S.-backed plan for Kenya to lead a multinational security force to help Haiti restore order in the face of mounting gang violence is attracting growing criticism. Kenyans, Haitians and foreign affairs experts on Capitol Hill have all questioned the wisdom of the proposal, arguing that the intervention is fraught with risks. Kenya’s President William Ruto told the UN General Assembly in New York last week that international solidarity and collective action are needed to address Haiti’s surging violence. He said, “Kenya is ready to play its full part” in helping Haiti fight the gangs and restore order. The plan to dispatch 1,000 policemen to Haiti is backed by the Biden administration, which is offering logistics including intelligence, airlift, and medical support to the mission. Kenya would lead the operation, joined by Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Antigua and Baruda who have pledged personnel.