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Kenyan Students Talk about What’s Happening on Campus

Across Kenya, students are starting to speak out and challenge a problem they say plagues the country’s campuses. #CampusMeToo, a campaign by ActionAid and UN Women raises awareness of an issue they said plagues Kenya’s universities. Sexual harassment is a big problem. A recent survey by ActionAid revealed that half of all female Kenyan students and a quarter of male students in higher learning institutions had been sexually harassed. The latest figures from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics show that approximately 40 percent of Kenya’s near-515,000 university students were female in 2018/2019. While the ratio of men-to-women has not changed in 10 years, the overall number of students has. In 2008/2009, there were fewer than 125,000 university students in the country, meaning the size of the issue of harassment on campus has grown