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Kenyan Students have a VR Experience like No Other

A group of young refugees in a camp in Kenya became possibly the world’s first students to go on a virtual school trip, attending a lesson at London’s National Gallery via VR headsets. The students explored the gallery’s paintings and received a lesson from artist Lisa Milroy through the equipment, in a project that organizers said has never been done before. Aged between 13 and 22, the students have spent their lives in the Kakuma Refugee Camp — one of the largest camps in the world, which houses around 190,000 refugees from several countries. The tour featured nine paintings based on the subject of “time,” from “The Avenue at Middelharnis,” a 1689 landscape by Dutch painter Meindert Hobbema, to a wall painting created last year by British artist Bridget Riley. The project, organized by the Vodafone Foundation charity, was conceived to mark the United Nations’ International Day of Education.