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Kenyan Startup Provides at Home Health Services

Over 600 Nairobians getting medical care at home through TIBU Health. It is a small player in a global movement towards home-based medical care, and its March launch coincided with the coronavirus pandemic that has forced much of the world’s population to stay at home. TIBU also administers COVID-19 tests in people’s homes. Customers start by requesting medical assistance via a mobile app. They get paired with the closest medical officer or doctor, depending on their complaint. After a triage call, the health professional travels to the patient. The process from request to deployment takes on average of about 20-30 minutes. One challenge has been to create a digital system that safely stores patients’ health records. Although there is a growing push for digitising health records in Kenya, much of the information is still on paper only, raising the risk of inefficiencies and data loss.