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Kenyan Startup Launches P2P Borderless Remittances Network

Formed at the beginning of 2019, BitLipa released its beta version on Android last month. The platform uses Bitcoin and Ether as international conduits for value transfer, and will soon incorporate other coins, that allows wallet-holders to send money anywhere in the world. All users need to do is convert their fiat currency into crypto, and then send it to the recipient. The recipient can then either spend it in crypto or convert it back to fiat within the application. Co-founder Apollo Eric told Disrupt Africa the startup had seen a surge in downloads from across the world since its launch, with 2,800 active daily users now using BitLipa. His ambitious goal is to have one million users on the platform by the end of August. BitLipa has been bootstrapped from the ground up, but has secured a partnership with Enigma Securities to provide it with Bitcoin liquidity.