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Kenyan Goes on the Campaign Trail for WTO Post

The East African Business Council and the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association  have backed Kenya’s candidate to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) top post.  Bloomberg said Ms Amina Mohamed’s pitch last Thursday “checked many of the boxes” delegates at the WTO want in a new director-general. Amina Mohamed told reporters that her closed-door vetting session last week went “really well” as she outlined her platform to steer the body out of crises from global trade tensions and rising protectionism to a COVID-induced dive in business. The WTO has never been led by a woman or an African. “The rulebook needs to be upgraded because of the concerns that are being expressed about the rules not being fit for purpose,” she said, adding that resuming the top appeals court would be a priority and that she hoped this would be on the agenda of the next major WTO meeting in 2021.