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Keeping Refugees in East Africa Connected

East Africa and Uganda, in particular, host some of the largest refugee populations in the world who fled conflict and violence in especially from South Sudan and DR Congo. The plight of refugees is at time enormous and this range from lack of water, shelter and even clothes. But little attention has been given to elements like internet connectivity. Internet connectivity has become essential to their daily lives. The UNHCR in collaboration with Avanti communication has installed satellite connectivity to these refugees. Avanti’s digital connectivity has created digital resilience in these camps. Satellite broadband is being used by refugees to access jobs and grant opportunities. “This Internet has now improved my standard of living because by then here in the settlement we were just looking for adverts which were publicly displayed. So as for now, we are able to see adverts that have been placed on the internet. I have also been able to get a minor job within the settlement which was advertised,” a refugee said. This is also being used by communities around the refugee camps and has promoted harmony and peaceful co-existence among them.