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Karisa Keasey Includes Africans in her Art Series about Refugees in the US

Six years ago Keasey became aware of the global refugee crisis when learning about the civil war in Syria. Inspired to change the way people viewed immigrants and refugees, the 30-year-old wrote a book based on the stories of refugee survivors who were able to reach the United States. Her book, “When You Can’t Go Home,” consists of 10 stories of refugee families who have resettled in the Pacific Northwest following years of hardship. They touch on various scenarios common among refugees, ranging from the conflicts they face in their home countries, life in refugee camps and detention centers and the process of attaining refugee or asylum status. While her goal is to raises awareness about the refugee crisis and “spread empathy and respect” for the experiences they face, Keasey is also donating 50% of the book’s profits to the refugee resettlement organization World Relief.