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Kampala Touted as Host for Scores Fleeing Taliban Rule

Uganda is to take in 2,000 refugees who have fled Afghanistan after Taliban militants took power on Sunday. The deal was agreed following a request from the US government, Refugee Minister Esther Anyakun told the BBC. The first group of 500 Afghans were expected to arrive on Tuesday, but officials now say discussions about the arrangements are still ongoing. Uganda has a long history of welcoming refugees – and is currently home to around 1.3 million people. The East African nation has the largest number of refugees in any country in Africa – and the third largest in the world. The new Afghan arrivals will be tested for Covid-19 before they are sent to isolation centres, Ms Anyakun says. The US is to cover these costs. More than 90% of Uganda’s refugees come from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Refugees live in settlements or villages alongside local residents, and some are given plots of land and allowed to work.