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Just 6 Michelin Stars for Black Chefs? Fine Dining Focus and Underrepresentation of African Cuisines Make the Accolade Hard to Come By                                 

A Michelin star can be a game changer for a chef, but it appears that black chefs are woefully underrepresented in the company’s star system. Despite the expansion of the company’s guides, it is the rare black chef that earns this recognition with all of 6 getting the nod. The chefs are Michael Caines, Charlie Mitchell, Marcel Ravin, Mory Sacko, Gerald Sombright and Georgiana Viou. Michelin publishes no guides for the Caribbean and Africa. The Michelin website lists more than 16,000 restaurants, including ones “recommended” by Michelin – places deemed notable but not worthy of a star. Just 13 are listed under the Africa category; only one, Piment in Hamburg, has a star, and its menu is focused on North African cuisine.