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Jungle Aims To Unite South Africans In Performing One Million Little Acts Of Heart

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South Africa is heading optimistically into 2022, after having persevered through two of the country’s most challenging years. It can be agreed that the outbreak of the pandemic and the subsequent hardship faced by many South Africans has driven home the importance of helping one another. Bringing this sentiment to the fore is Jungle, who wants to celebrate what we know South Africans to truly be – warm, kind, generous and helpful. Everyday thousands of South Africans help each other in ways that may seem small but make a difference. Jungle wants to capture these moments of helping, these moments of heart, and encourage South Africans to share their experiences in a bid to record one million selfless acts of heart throughout South Africa.

Through Jungle’s initiative, fondly entitled, “Little Acts of Heart,” the brand hopes to encourage all South Africans to help others in any way they can – no matter how seemingly small or big.

Officially launched at the ‘Heart of the Nation Address (HONA)’ held earlier this week, Jungle encourages all South African’s to be part of this initiative. “Heartie” the campaign’s mascot represents the Heart of South Africa, which fills up and gets stronger and stronger as more little acts of heart are completed. A live “Heart-O-Meter” will track and record Heartie’s progress and will serve to let South Africans know how close they are to reaching their collective goal, as well as inspire the nation to continue performing their good deeds.

Rinee Mudavhi, Brand Manager at Jungle comments: “As a brand, we have always advocated for better heart health. And now, considering how challenging the past year has been for all South Africans, and the heightened awareness around health and wellbeing in general, we have decided to expand our message from heart wellness to a more holistic meaning of what it means to, ‘Do Life with Heart.’ This marked the beginning of our newest initiative, which we hope will resonate with the generosity and compassion that our nation is known for.”

“These acts could be anything from helping a Gogo cross the road or donating your clothes to someone in need or giving out food parcels. Every act counts towards the greater goal of one million little acts of heart. We encourage South Africans to participate and challenge their family, friends, community, colleagues, cities and towns to do the same,” explains Mudavhi.

As a reward for 1 million selfless acts, Jungle has committed to matching these contributions by donating food hampers to the value of R1 million to those in need through selected charity partners.

To kick off the initiative, Jungle worked with three local street artists to elevate urban street walls in South Africa, essentially bringing heart into our cities. Murals were created across Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, with the hope of inspiring the community surrounding these areas to come together, embrace the spirit of community and share their little acts of heart across social media, while inspiring others to do their bit too.

To participate in the campaign, individuals simply need to post their “Little Acts of Heart,” on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag, #LittleActsofHeart.

Mudavhi concludes: “South Africans are known for their compassion and kindness, so we’re confident that this initiative will gain the traction it needs to make a real difference. This year, we want to communicate the importance of heart health in every sense of the word, and we’re excited to see how this initiative unfolds.”