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Judgment Reserved For 16 Jan In Ramaphosa, Zuma Legal Showdown

President Cyril Ramaphosa will have to wait until Monday to find out if his private prosecution by Jacob Zuma will commence next week.

The High Court in Johannesburg heard Ramaphosa’s urgent application to interdict the case on Thursday.

His legal representatives say he doesn’t have the authority to investigate crimes. Advocate Ngwako Maenetje says the president cannot investigate Prosecutor Billy Downer and Journalist Karyn Maughan while they are being criminally charged.  

Ramaphosa is seeking an order to block Zuma’s private prosecution bid.

At the same time Ramaphosa’s lawyer argued that if he appears before a criminal court, the ANC’s step-aside rule will apply.

Zuma’s lawyer, Dali Mpofu, says that even if the matter is ruled out of court, the step-aside rule will still be in effect.