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Johannesburg Residents Will Suffer From Council Chaos – Steenhuisen

DA leader John Steenhuisen says Johannesburg residents will bear the brunt of the chaos at the council meeting experienced on Thursday evening.

The council meeting has been postponed to next week Tuesday after disagreements over secret ballot demands.

The DA leads a multiparty coalition in the city along with nine other parties.

Steenhuisen said: “I certainly think they have the numbers the multi-party coalition has the numbers that’s what lies at the heart of the attempt we are seeing here. But the biggest losers here are the residents and citizens of Johannesburg who are looking to that council now to provide services and stability so that we can create jobs, build a city able to deliver services and to get on with the work of governing this is now just frustrating that even further.

“The ANC I’m very encouraged to see that this is their new approach because perhaps when Parliament reconvenes we need to hold them to this precedent that they’ve created now and ask for secret ballots for the parliamentary portfolio committees because given the factionalism of the ANC it could yield some very interesting results.”