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Joburg Water Blames Residents’ High Consumption For City’s Water Supply Problems

Joburg Water has blamed the city’s current water supply challenges on the recent abnormally high consumption by residents.

Parts of the municipality have been experiencing low water pressure, while in other areas, taps are completely dry.

The entity said that demand drastically increased during a time when Rand Water’s pumping stations were under pressure.

The recent heat wave is said to have contributed to the drastic increase in water consumption in the City of Johannesburg.

In addition, Joburg Water said that the high demand had strained a number of its systems, especially in the northern parts of the municipality.

The entity’s networks senior manager, Logan Moonsamy, said that several reservoirs were critically low, which meant that Joburg residents would continue suffering until pumping was improved.

“Because the consumption is high collectively, it’s hard for them [Rand Water] to fill up the reservoirs and keep them full and that has a ripple effect on our reservoirs.”

Meanwhile, Moonsamy said that 50 roaming water trucks and 56 tankers had been deployed to areas that rely on the Midrand, Alexander, Sandton, South Hills and Crown Gardens water systems.