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Jessie Duarte’s Family Pleads To Stop Conspiracy Theories

Jessie Duarte’s family is asking people to stop conspiracy theories around how she died.

Her brother Abbas Dangor says she lost her battle with cancer and nothing else.

The family also says people should not try to leverage her death by saying she divulged secrets to them.

Dangor was speaking at the former ANC Deputy Secretary General’s memorial service.

He said “when the news of Jessie’s illness broke everyone thought her resilience will help her come back but unfortunately she succumbed to cancer.

“She was diagnosed to cancer in Nov 2021, she was in the care of the best doctors.

“As a family, we implore those who seek to cast false dispersion on the cause of her death to stop because it is hurtful and baseless. We ask that you respect her legacy by not using her to advance you own agendas. We implore that you stop.”