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Jameson Timba, Leader of Zimbabwe Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Arrested

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Jameson Timba, the interim leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), found himself at the center of a significant police operation in Harare on Sunday. Alongside him, 70 activists were detained following accusations of organizing an unauthorized political gathering.

Confirming the arrests, Paul Nyathi, the national spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police, detailed that the CCC activists had assembled at Timba’s residence without official permission, prompting law enforcement to intervene.

The situation quickly turned tense, with reports indicating clashes between the activists and police officers as they resisted arrest. In the midst of the confrontation, several CCC members reportedly sustained injuries.

Nyathi specified that the arrests were made due to the unauthorized nature of the gathering at Timba’s Harare residence, where tensions escalated to the point that additional police forces had to be called in to restore order.

Details regarding the legal processes and further developments surrounding the incident are expected to emerge in due course.